5 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Plant-Based, Organic Super Herb Soda 

Jing Soda makes getting Tonic Mushrooms & Super Herbs into your body deliciously easy:

1. The World's First Herbal Soda® - Made with 100% REAL Mushrooms & Premium Herbs

Jing Soda LOOKS and TASTES like your favorite commercial brand soda...except it's made with 100% organic fruit, vegetable concentrates, and contains 1,190mg of Premium Triple Extracted Tonic Herbs per serving! We also use the cleanest, non-glycemic sweetener available so there is no added sugar and no unpleasant after-taste. 

2. Helps Control Your Cravings 

It's not rocket-science, it's common sense. When you consume adaptogenic, tonic herbs each day, your body feels more satiated and satisfied -- curbing your cravings and causing you to eat less. We recommend drinking one serving of Jing Soda before meals for optimal results.

3. Packed with Powerful Nutrition to Optimize Your Health and Well-Being

Tonic herbs are NATURAL substances that have been used for THOUSANDS of years to promote well-being, build the immune system, enhance energy, and protect the body and mind from undue stress and pressures. Drinking Jing Soda® is an easy and delicious way to get these important, nourishing herbs into your body.

4. Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar, & Tastes Delicious!

Jing Soda has no corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and no harmful chemicals or additives. In fact, it's full of ingredients that can help your body function at its best. Jing Soda is soda reimagined in seven classic flavor concentrates including: Root Beer, Cherry Cola, Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime, SuperBerry, and Vanilla Cream. We make it so easy for you - just add to your favorite carbonated water and enjoy!

5. No Risk - 100% Happiness Guarantee

With over 1 MILLION servings of Jing Sodas served globally and a less than 1% return rate, we will take all the risk if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.